WISGR: A Game and Adventure

A proverb said that life is just a game, so we should play it. Yet, we know that every human being is a creator of its game to fulfill their life. Usually, we will play a game when we have a leisure time or even we are in saturated condition. It is known that there are many kinds of game, either traditional game: petak umpet, kelereng, congklak, and gobak sodor; or modern game such as Nintendo, PlayStation, Mobile Game, and Computer Game. I’ve been playing both games since I was elementary school, indeed modern games.

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At that time, I used to play Mario Bros, a plumber man in Nintendo; Harvest Moon Back to Nature, CTR (Crash Team Racing), Tekken 3 and many more in PlayStation 1. Time by time, with the increase of technology, I have been starting to play a game through my cellphone. Snake and Space Impact for instance, those are the game that I used to play in Nokia 3310. Back then, I just knew that the function of cellphone is just for texting and calling until the rise of cellphone that has been designed to play a game, that was N-Gage. It was a prove that many people like to play a game. 

As time goes by, internet started to dominate and support us to play a game. From mobile game that could be freely download in Waptrick, until games which are really popular now, such as Get Rich, Clash of Clans, Mobile Legends, and so on. So do game that has been been designed for computer. 

I suddenly remembered, when I was in junior high school, I often came to the “warnet” or internet café to play games. I was so happy to play the game, I even got addicted and almost tried all the games in internet café. Starting from GetAmped, Gunbound, Seal, Ghost Online, and RF which were really cool and manly; until Ayo Dance that makes amused my self if I remembered how I played it. And yeah, there is also games that is really important and still like to play until now, that is Dota (Defense of the Ancient). 

However, due to my knowledge, those games are coming from abroad. I then began to wonder, how is the game made by Indonesian people? I myself have just tasted the game called Tahu Bulat. The game that is created by Own Game turned into the category of "Best Selling Game" and "The Most Popular of Free Game" on Google Play. Then, there are also some game developers who have been successful worldwide such as Kidalang, Digital Happines, and Solite Studio. 

source: Facebook Guklabs

Recently, there is one of the local game developers from Jakarta which becomes ‘hot news’ or trending topic discussed by gamers, namely Guklabs. Reportedly, Guklabs will soon be releasing his first game of action-adventure genre called WISGR. Based on my experience in playing action-adventure games on the PlayStation 2, I feel happy and very exciting to play it. For example: God of War, Devil May Cry, and Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks. The game with an interesting storyline that invites me to experience from one story to another story. 

Indeed, WISGR is also formulated with a steady storyline and there is a twist story in it. Moreover, Guklabs is run by people who are competent and experienced in their field. For those of you who have been curious about this game, coincidentally Guklabs has released a demo version of this game in January 2018. You can directly try it at http://wisgr.guklabs.com/

source: Instagram Guklabs
Some gamers also give a positive appreciation after trying to play his game. Then when someone complained about bugs in the game, Jonathan Purba-as Project Director of WISGR-immediately respond to the problem and fix it shortly after the comment raised. And, it’s all gone now. 

As for who asked when Full Version from WISGR will be released and sold on the Steam platform, Jonathan Purba responded, “Seeing from the enthusiastic public response of playing WISGR, we will launch in the mid of March 2018. Of course these enthusiastic gamers must have an account Steam used to be a portal to WISGR.”

Hearing those news, I became so excited and also proud, because this is going to be work of nation’s children that has been waited by Indonesian and International market. Maybe it feels a bit strange, because it's too early to say international market. So, Is there any chance to penetrate the International Market? 

“I think our chance isobviously great. Beyond the moral support we can get, WISGR really has a lot of unique points as players begin to play. We can make sure gamers can not predict what happens when the WISGR begins to play until it is resolved,” said Jonathan Purba. 

I myself believe that this action-adventure game has a “wow factor”. The gamers will guess what surprises the team Guklabs will present while playing this WISGR. Although I have not tried it directly, but I have watched the demo version. In my opinion, the graph looks attractive, and the skills of every character is really unique and nice. 

In a way, I sometimes prefer watching Youtuber Gaming videos instead of playing it myself. In spite of the famous gamer, PewDiePie, I also like to watch Youtuber from Indonesia, namely Reza “Arap” Oktovian and Tara Arts Game Indonesia. Because of them, I finally know some cool local games. Then, I really appreciate WISGR. Because of this game, I also became aware that Indonesia will be able to compete and not left behind from other countries in the gaming industry. Yes, I certainly must support and feel optimistic if this game can penetrate the International Game Market.

For more information, you can freely see it on the Guklabs Facebook Page or Guklabs Instagram Account.


  1. Have watched the demo and I dont think that it is a kind of game I used to play, unfortunately :(

  2. Hp nokia n gage.. Dlu smpet pnya, tp spertinya ga gue prgunakan untuk main game deh? Knp yak? Malah dipake buat smsan. Dan gak enak:') Justru sering main game di hp nokia yg bw, snake sm space impact itu yg paling memorable sih.. Huehee

    1. Pake bahasa Inggris neng

    2. Lulu: Yeh, itu padahal khusus buat game. Ngapa segala buat SMS-an? Dari bentuknya aja udah kayak stik. Iya, game jadul yang simpel itu memang punya kenangan tersendiri. Hoho.

      Niki: Lah itu kamu juga bahasa Indonesia. Wqwq.

    3. Pengen komen tapi si Niki bilang harus pake bahasa Inggris, gue ngga ngerti Yog wkwkwk

    4. Yuniar: Gunakan bahasa yang kamu bisa aja. Niki jangan didengerin. :p

  3. Saya lebih suka MMORPG si bang
    tapi saya coba download demo nya deh
    Game lama saya nikmatin nintendo tapi kalo PS saya gak bisa main PS
    terus masuk warnet baru deh ikut trend main game2 online di pc sampe skarang
    tapi skrang sdh gak terlalu maniak lg
    cuma untuk iseng aja kalo lg senggang ngisi waktu

    1. Pake bahasa Inggris bang

    2. Adi: Saya dulu juga sering mainnya yang MMORPG. Party dan hunting bareng. Bikin cepet naik level dan nggak terasa bosan. Asyek emang game jenis itu~
      Saya udah 5 tahun kali nggak pernah ke warnet lagi. Main game terakhir kayaknya 2012 apa 2013 gitu. Haha.

      Niki: Lah itu kamu juga bahasa Indonesia. Wqwq. (2)

  4. Aaahh i liked to playing games too. Like an imvu, avakin games, guitar hero, flaying bird or flaping bird, im forget the name lol. Many games can makes me so refresh but blogger/blogspot world and coffee its better than games hahaha :p

    1. Wow, guitar hero on the PlayStation 2? When I was in junior high school, I often played it~

      Flappy bird? That's an annoying game. Hahaha.

  5. A B C

    dah itu aja, karna gk bisa bahasa inggris bg, jadi maaf gk tau apa yg di bilang,

  6. nice game, thanks
    sakmono wae mas komene :)

  7. Keren. Ngereview game dengan bahasa Inggris. Gue butuh google translate

    1. Ya, permintaan kliennya begitu, Bang. Bahasa Inggris di tulisanku masih mudah dimengerti, kok. :)

  8. The kind of the game that I usually playing is decide by is it work properly on my notebook? If it's not, I will not try or playing it. :D


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